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Titus Waldenfels Band

Titus Waldenfels, born in Germany in 1969, began at the age of 7 to play the violin and guitar, and already received formal instruction at this time. His first role-model being the English guitarist Nick Woodland, he later aspired to several years intensive training with Roman Bunka and Geoff Goodman. From 1990-1997 he was enrolled at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, studied music theory and german literature and attained his full degree. In 1994 he played with the Christian Willisohn Rhythm & Blues Band in the renowned Munich 'Nachtcafe'. As a guitarist for the group ‚EMBRYO' from september 1994-1995 he toured extensively throughout Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain (playing concerts with Monty Waters, Mal Waldron, Karnataka Ensemble of Percussion among others). Since then he has played with Charlie Gabriels, Herbert Hardesty, Eddie Taylor, Leroy Jones, Peter Lipa, Chris Karrer (Amon Düül), Kim Carson, Chris Rannenberg, Bardo Henning, Paul Kuhn, Joe Kienemann, David Paquette, Dodo Šošoka, Gerald French, Bunchy Johnson, Charlie Antolini, Nick McCarthy (Franz Ferdinand), Renzo Ruggieri, the Storyville Shakers and many others. The versatile guitarist is not only a master of different styles of Jazz, Blues and Rock but also of many stringed instruments, such as the violin, the lap steel guitar, the tenor banjo, the ukulele, and had even picked up the rare bajo sexto. He plays them all with utter reliability and great musical competence. A confusing amount of instruments is often presented on stage, the necessity of which is quickly to be revealed during a concert. In 2007 the one-man-band-concept came into being: Titus Waldenfels using simultaneously a bass synthesizer or a one-string electric bass, played with feet, sometimes a rare bass harmonica and his array of stringed instruments.